A Full Moon Ritual – The Process of Letting Go

Milky Way star in night skies, full moon and old tree - Retro style artwork with vintage color tone (Elements of this moon image furnished by NASA)

The Virgo full moon on March 1 is upon us, so get ready to clean up your act and clear the way for positivity and abundance.

Full moon vibes are powerful so here is everything you need to know to harness the energy, clear your space and make moon magic work for you.

Clear your space and your head.

Getting rid of negative or stagnant energy is the first part of any ritual especially when you need to be clear and focused in order to harness the full moon energy and make it work for you in the best possible way. Palo Santo or a sage wands are the go-to tool for spiritual space clearing.

Start by lighting stick and blow on it to get the smoke going. Run the wand or stick up and down and around your body so the smoke is surrounding you which will clear away negative energy.

You can order this beautiful energy clearing combo on Etsy.

Bring in the light

Candles are a great way to illuminate your connection to the full moon and align your heart chakra.

White tea light candles, found virtually everywhere, are great for purification and healing, an essential part of the process to release whatever is ailing you during this powerful energy of the full moon.

Tea light candles are found virtually everywhere including grocery stores and online at Amazon. Great for purification and healing!

Express Yourself

You are now ready for the process of letting go. The process of release starts with acknowledging the source of the problem. Is someone or something troubling you?  Take the time to write a sentence or two (or more) about each person or situation and fully express yourself. If a person, or people are involved, include their names.

Once you have completed this part of the ritual, get centered and visualize a resolution and how it would feel to have positive outcome with this person or situation. Picture in your mind a successful end result to the conflict or troubling situation your are currently experiencing.

Writing intentions is the best way to attract or release what you want in your life. Photo: @energymuse

Forgive and Release

Once you have envisioned a successful resolution, it’s time to let go.

Start by saying the words “I forgive you” out loud and visualize the problem or conflict floating away.

Take it a step further and burn your paper with your problems in a metal, porcelain or glass bowl and bury the ashes in your yard (or other suitable place).

Make way for Positive Growth and Abundance

By putting your energy into this powerful release of negativity on a full moon, you have opened the pathway to positive growth and abundance.

Happy Full Moon everyone!







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